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speciesbent siamese cake!

Anonymous asks: 

Stop being racist by drawing Sailor Moon black, shes Japanese and should only be depicted as such.            








oh. this again.


The anonymous actually has a good and valid point. You racebending Sailor Moon who is a Japanese woman, is indeed offensive.

I’m fully aware of what her ethnicity is. I’m not trying to erase the fact that she’s Japanese. so what…am I not allowed to draw a black Sailor Moon, even if I’m fully aware of this? I wanted to re-imagine and adapt her as a race that matched my own, simple as that. how is that wrong or offensive? is this harming anybody? it doesn’t change the fact that she is canonically Japanese, we know this. so what. is. the. problem?

By racebending her, you are erasing the fact that she is Japanese. That’s kind of the point like wow.

Make up your own character. How. hard. is that?

NO. it’d be more “erasing” if I didn’t acknowledge that she was Japanese, and dismissed her as being “white” simply because she has blue eyes and blonde hair in an anime. I know better than that.

like I said, if I’m RE-IMAGING her as being black, while that still doesn’t change the fact she IS Japanese CANONICALLY and I’m fully aware of this, how is that wrong?!

The rebuttal I will offer the anon and alostbird is this:

There are Black people in Japan.

There are Black people who are from Japan.

There are Black people who are Japanese.

Furthermore, as this is a fan representation, even if my previous statements were not true —fun fact, they are! — it’s still not that a bad thing for a person from a marginalised community to reimagine their favourite characters as more like them. Sometimes I love art where skinny characters are made fat. Sometimes I love art where my favourite characters are gender-swapped or queer. Sometimes I love art where the multitude of White and White-looking characters look more like my Black-brown self.

So what?

………..”white-looking” hmmm didn’t know east asian fictional characters were white-looking even though the ambiguous stylization of anime is perceived as such because of narrow-minded, western imperialistic, ethnocentric rhetoric

and seeing as so many non-japanese fans refer to sailor moon as white, ~aryan princess~ instead of light-skinned japanese because she happens to not fit the portrayal of japanese people y’all are so damn accustomed to - disregarding the fact that there are naturally blond, blue eyed japanese people in existence lol - and how the term racebending gives the connotation that sailor moon is initially white WHEN SHE’S CLEARLY NOT

also even your rebuttal is far-reaching seeing as none of those comparisons are even comparable (since skinny people aren’t marginalized, “gender-swapped” is cissexist, and lmao JAPANESE PEOPLE ARE MARGINALIZED IN THE WEST AND EVEN JAPANESE PEOPLE FROM JAPAN DON’T NEED YOUR TRITE AS FUCK RACEBENDING ON MEDIA CATERED FOR JAPANESE PEOPLE BY JAPANESE PEOPLE) and seeing as NO ONE HAS EVER MADE CLAIMS TO BE RENDERING SAILOR MOON AS BLACK-JAPANESE MIXED, even though there too are black east asians (hello, points at self), and seeing as the original mangaka drew and depicted her as japanese and this was clearly understood by her japanese audience, that even live-action adaptations of her include japanese actresses with blond wigs because BLOND HAIR/BLUE EYES DON’T INVALIDATE HER JAPANESE ETHNICITY, whereas these ~racebendings~ ALWAYS COMPROMISE SAILOR MOON’S JAPANESE ETHNICITY because TOO MANY FUCKING PEOPLE IN THE FANDOM STILL BELIEVE HER TO BE WHITE, SO IT’S SUPER DUPER A-OKAY TO COMPLETELY RENDER HER JAPANESE ETHNICITY NULL AND VOID IN THE NAME OF ~BETTER DIVERSITY~

liiiiiiiiiiike this is why i’m so fucking over these things because the artist themself NEVER CORRECTS ANYONE IMPOSING WESTERN-CENTRIC RACE IDENTITY POLICING/MISLABELING because this isn’t the first time this has happened and tumblr is always happy to be disingenuous as fuck in their anti-oppression crusades

To Be Young Gifted and Black by Nina Simone

lmaooo. yesh.

I understand…

What is love?


the black swan (detail), miami, florida, 1990 [original]
© luis castañeda [website], from leica: witness to a century



Numen/ For Use For Use used thick transparent sticky tape to create an interactive installation. By stretching, sticking and wrapping thick layers of tape around grounded pillars, beams, trees or whatever standing objects exist in the chosen space Numen/ For Use create a web of tendon tunnels and spaces that can be accessed and crawled through, strong enough to carry human weight. From afar the installation appears like an interwoven structure of bending elastic pipes.

i thought this was spiderweb and i was HORRIFIED


Often, in an immigrant family, it’s a very big departure for a child to say: I want to be an artist, not a doctor, not a lawyer, or an engineer. The father, here, tells his daughter what so many immigrant parents tell their children: Art is not the safest route in life. We didn’t sacrifice all this for you to take up a precarious profession.

He tries to comfort her, at the same time, by insisting that being an immigrant makes her an artist already. And this is a fascinating notion: that re-creating yourself this way, re-creating your entire life is a form of reinvention on par with the greatest works of literature. This brings art into the realm of what ordinary people do to in order to survive. It takes away the notion that art is too lofty for the masses, and puts it in the day-to-day. I’ve never seen anyone connect being an artist and an immigrant so explicitly, and for me it was a revelation.

Edwidge Danticat, All Immigrants are Artists.  (via mimasux)

(Source: beyondvictoriana)